ABZ International (sprl)

ABZ International (SPRL) is a Belgium based commercial agency specialising in import-export trading.

We offer simple and reliable commercial solutions for European Companies targeting new foreign export markets; as well as overseas companies aiming to penetrate the European market. We operate as an external commercial agent. 

We have a structured approach to all projects we undertake from conceptualisation to implementation, providing assistance & support to achieve the best results for our clients.

As part of our unique approach for managing export projects, we position ourselves as an extension of your team, supporting and advising along the road to successful project completion. With our globally connected network of consultants, partners and associates, our clients can rest assured that the service we provide is reliable and feasible.

The company aspires to be a contributor in the fight against climate change. In this in this context, ABZ Int. aims to enhance and promote eco-friendly products as well as sustainable economic solution.